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Akashic Jazz is the meeting of

jazz and spiritual exploration.

There are as many spiritual paths

as there are people.

Transcending the safety

of an organized religion,

of a social convention,

the journey of the inner is one of

challenges and transformation.

Listen consciously.

When challenged,

breathe deeply, relax and listen deeper.

Let your body move as it likes.

If you are moved to participate vocally,

whether through singing, laughing,

shouting or crying,

allow yourself to do so.

Just watch what happens inside of you.

The continuum of spiritual paths

includes, encompasses and contains

every shade and flavor of the spectrum.

Love, hate, elation, despair

and all emotions and human experiences

are welcomed to be

witnessed and transformed.

Let yourself relax through the

pull to withdraw; and keep expanding.

Allow yourself to experience

new sounds, new feelings and

new levels of consciousness.

The continuum of human experience and

consciousness is within you.

Allow yourself a new awareness.

Allow yourself to be

refreshed and renewed.

The human soul cherishes freedom above all else. When the time in our lives come when we cry freedom, it is truely one of the most "holy" times we experience. Not possesions, power or even love can distract one from the longing for the liberation of the soul.

The urgency to let go into the beyond is the only energy that will bring us past the mundane mind. "Cry Freedom" is the expression of the spiritual warriors of Akashic Jazz of their journey to freedom.

This music ‘takes no prisoners’, with its uncomproming rebelious spirit through all of the musicians relentless pursuit of bringing experiences of the beyond to its captivated audiences.

These are four fiercely individual artist melting together and merging as a single organism, rising to levels together far higher than possible each on their own.

Yes, its fun to play. Its fun to feel, to explore the boundries of human feeling, to risk, to love, to emote. To take as many chances musically as in life, with out fear of rejection or judgement is the unspoken guiding star of any artist. I know of no band in recent times executing this concept so tangibly as the document of these recording sessions. As our beloved, Joe Bonner used to say, “I ain’t scared of nothin'.” Joe had the concept to dedicate these performances and compositions to the innocents harmed and otherwise affected by all forms of terrorism in the world. Named “After Love”, the moniker assumes new meaning with his transition. The title cut, in 6/4 meter could be seen as a sequel to his well-loved composition, “Love Dance”, which trumpet master, Woody Shaw brought to the jazz world.

As this is released after Joe Bonner’s passing, it is of course unavoidable to dedicate this to Joe, as his spirit is unmistakably strong and present throughout the recordings. Joe’s original wish and intention of the musicians while playing and during writing was dedicating this to the innocent victims of terrorism, namely children injured and killed by conflicts and ideologies they had nothing to do with creating.

...when veils dissolve

and tangible and intangible

truths reveal themselves

to the subjective and

objective universes simultaneously…

a panorama of sub-conscious


levels of expression and awareness….


is where there are no artistic

or cultural boundaries to overcome:

where music surpasses the limitations

of the human experience,

 and becomes…    pure!

          -Joseph Bonner

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